Friday, August 24, 2007

CSN Stores

Interested In Being a Supplier?

The Internet has created a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers to drive additional revenue growth and reach a new and growing set of customers. For five years, CSN Stores has enabled its suppliers to successfully tap into this growth while working closely with them to protect and promote their brand, complement their existing retail channels and facilitate smooth logistics and communications flow. CSN Stores understands the importance of flexibility and tailor their approach to meet their suppliers’ specific needs. CSN Stores value our 1,000+ supplier relationships and believe these to be the key elements to fostering a successful partnership....

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Make Money With Domain Parking

Park and Sell your domains at great revenue multiples.After you have parked domains for a time, you can offer to sell them at a high multiple of earnings. Check your user console for details. Learn More

In short, Park&Sell places current cash results above expected future value.

ND not only pioneered big domain sales, they also established the first market for performance-based domain sales. Many domains are bought or sold not on generic value, but statistics: user traffic, conversion rates and revenue. Park&Sell caters primarily to domain buyers looking to acquire domains at multiples of revenue and sellers looking to unload domains at favourable rates. In short, Park&Sell places current cash results above expected future value. To join, simply park a domain on our system and, when the timeframe for review is up, check the new “Park&Sell” tab on your control screen for domains to submit for sale.

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