Friday, December 18, 2009

.CN Domain Registrations Live upto the 20th of December

The .CN Registry had announced recently that they would change their Domain Name Registration policy on the 14th of December. However they have postponed the implementation to the 21st of December.

We have hence discontinued the lock on .CN Domain Name Registrations until the 20th of December; and urge you to immediately register/renew/transfer-in any .CN Domain that may have been pending. Since the .CN Registry has not yet confirmed their stance on the registration policy, the dates and processes above may change as per their discretion; and hence it is important that you keep yourself updated via our announcements and emails.
If you have any queries, you can contact your Account Manager or simply write in to us at

To view the .CN Registry's latest announcements click the following link.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

gTLD Transfer-ins Promo

Cadianda gives you the opportunity to consolidate your entire Domain portfolio under a single account with the Transfer-ins @ gTLD Transfer-ins Promo.

  • .COM @ $8.99 CAD
  • .NET @ $5.95 CAD
  • .ORG @ $8.59 CAD
  • .INFO @ $8.59 CAD
  • .BIZ @ $8.59 CAD
  • .NAME @ $7.99 CAD
Click here to transfer your domain now!

  • FREE! 1 Year Extension Included. We will add one year to the current expiry date of your domain name for no additional cost.
  • All Transfers are Risk-Free. If for any reason, your domain transfer fails or is canceled, we will instantly credit your customer advance account with the complete amount that you paid for such transfer, no questions asked.
  • New Registrations and Renewals will not attract this Promo Pricing.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of Domains that can be Transferred-in during this period.
  • The Promo Ends on the 30th of November, 2009
Place domain transfer order now!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Changes to .COM & .NET Domain Secrets

Dear Customer,

The .COM and .NET Registry recently announced that they will be changing their Domain Secret implementation on the 15th of November, 2009. As per the new rules a Domain Secret must be 8-32 characters long and contain at least one number, one letter and one special character.
There will be no impact on existing Domain Names; they can be Transferred with the current Domain Secret itself.

Best Regards,

Metin Eroglu
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Sunday, September 13, 2009

NEW .CN Domain Registrations With Introductory Pricing

We are glad to announce the launch of .CN - the most popular and fastest growing ccTLD worldwide.

The .CN domain extension has seen an exemplary growth since its launch throughout the world. Earlier this year, .CN crossed over 13 million registrations to become the second most registered domain extension after .COM. Moreover, with China now representing one of the largest internet populations, .CN is the ultimate choice for you to tap into the fastest growing economy in the world.

You can begin registering your desired .CN domains from August 14th, 2009 onwards. Furthermore, these domain extensions will be available at a special introductory price of $13.99 CAD on Registrations, Renewals as well as Transfer-ins, to help you leverage on this remunerative extension.

Please click here to register your .CN Domain Name


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Activating Free Mail Forwarding

In order to activate the Free Mail Forwarding Service, you will need to:

  • Navigate to the associated Product Management Console
  • Click on the Email button
  • Click on the Activate Mail Forwarding button
  • Once successfully activated, the Activate Mail Forwarding button will be replaced by a Manage Mail Forwarding button

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

FREE Email Forwarding Service

We are really excited to announce that on 6th of September, 2009. Mail Forwarding will be available absolutely FREE with every Domain registered through Cadianda.NET. To see our email hosting plans and get unlimited email hosting please click here.

Click here for more information on Absolutely FREE Services as well as FREE Email Forwarding Service.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Unlimited Hosting Free with every Domain

It’s been quite a ride so far! From its inception to a fully functional (and now a fast gaining popularity) product, our Unlimited Hosting Package is garnering encouraging reviews so far.

We have actually been contemplating on how we could go a step further to ensure that our customers can benefit the most, and also strengthen some of the other Products that we offer.

Our goal is 2 fold:
  • To ensure that all our Customers get to interact with this new product
  • To further improve the offer given with every Domain Name

Before we take any decisions to take this forward, we wanted your opinion.

Here’s what we have in mind;

  • We want to give you the ability to purchase Hosting for free with every single Domain Name registered
  • This hosting will be free for the first 3 months
  • It will be identical to the hosting package that is sold currently
  • After 3 months, you h the option to renew the product for 1 year or more, depending on the current price
Our motive here is simple – given that a larger number of Customers would start using the product initially, the number of Customers that eventually buy this product after 3 months could increase as well. Hence this would result in better volumes for us and our Customers.

It will be great if you guys could write a comment with your feedback. Like we have mentioned before, it’s always appreciated.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Launch of .CN Domain Registrations

We are glad to announce the launch of .CN - the most popular and fastest growing ccTLD in the world.

The .CN Domain extension has seen an exemplary growth since its launch throughout the world. Earlier this year, .CN crossed over 13 million registrations to become the second most registered Domain extension after .COM. Moreover, with China now representing the one of the largest internet populations, .CN is the ultimate choice for you to tap into.

You can begin registering .CN Domains from 18th August 2009 onwards. Furthermore, these domain extensions will be available at a special introductory price of $9.99 on Registrations, Renewals as well as Transfer-Ins, to help you leverage on this lucrative extension.

We shall keep you posted on further updates for this launch.

Monday, August 10, 2009

FREE Domain Forwarding Service!

Cadianda.NET Domain forwarding Service is now FREE!

We're extremely excited about this launch and hope that you will make the most of this introduction.

Domain Forwarding Service Features:
  • Blazing fast performance - Nothing beats the request serving speed of our domain forwarding service.
  • Hide the destination URL - You can hide the destination URL in any domain forwarding order by enabling URL Masking. That way any long destination URLs remain hidden from the surfer and your brand identity remains consistent.
  • Wild carded Sub-domain Forwarding and Path Forwarding - You can setup wild carded forwarding such that each sub domain (eg forwards to independent destinations automatically. Also you can enable path information to be replicated in the destination URL such that gets forwarded to http://destinationURL/path1/path2
  • Search Engine Optimization and backward compatibility - You can set the <> tag content, in order to provide <> tags and <> for search engine optimization. You can also set the <> tag content for compatibility with browsers that do not support frames.
For more free services please click here

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mega Bargains Month

6 more days before our most exciting and profitable promotion goes Live!

We have extended most of the promos that have shown great potential, making the Mega Bargains Month even bigger and better than ever.

Promos that will continue to run during the Mega Bargains Month:

  • Third Level .UK @ $5.99 - Extended
  • .INFO continues at $4.99
  • .IN @ $7.62
  • .MOBI @ $9.99 - Extended
  • Free USB on every .ASIA Domain Registration

As announced earlier the following promos will end on the 30th of July, 2009 at 12.30 UTC:

  • .US @ $6.99 only!
  • .ORG @ $8.49 only!
  • .TV @ $26.05!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

FREE 2GB USB Memory Stick For Every .ASIA Domain Name Registration

Adding to the suite of highly profitable promos that we are currently running, Cadianda brings you a unique .ASIA promo, directly from the .ASIA Registry!

All .ASIA Domains registered will now be eligibile for a FREE 2 GB USB Memory Stick! The .ASIA Registry now gives the opportunity to get a .ASIA branded USB Memory Stick with every .ASIA Domain you Register.

Once the 5 Day Grace Period of a newly registered .ASIA Domain has passed, you will get a confirmation mail from the Registry with the Redemption Code for the Domain Name.

This will allow you to login to and confirm the shipping address for the USB Memory Stick.


  • A Domain must be registered for a minimum duration of 2 years for this Promo to be applicable.
  • The Promo will be valid for Domains registered after 00:00 UTC on 6th July, 2009 and will end on 6th October, 2009.
  • This Promo is not applicable to Renewals and/or Transfer-Ins.
  • Click here to read the FAQ of this special promotion.

Make the most of this promo! Click here to register your .ASIA Domain name.

Monday, July 06, 2009

.CO.UK Domain Registrations @ $5.99 CAD

Offer Ends on 9th August!

Cadianda offers you a fantastic opportunity to register your third level .UK domain. With a 45% discount on your cost price for Third Level .UK domains, you can now publish your website with our ultimate unlimited hosting plan.

CADIANDA Advantages
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Unlimited Web and Email Hosting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Great Promos All Year Around
  • Free Support

100% FREE With Every Domain
  • DNS Services
  • Privacy Protection
  • Bulk Tools
  • Domain Theft Protection
  • Business Email(Coming Soon)
  • Domain/Mail Forwarding (Coming Soon)


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Migrating to

We will be migrating all Email Hosting packages to the new infrastructure today, 2nd July '09. Please be informed that there will be no Downtime for this launch., is backed by powerful infrastructure to ensure enhanced redundancy and scalability. This marks the beginning of a series of updates at our end; Anti-spam and Anti-virus are also on cards. Rest assured, we will keep you updated with the developments on this front.

Details of this launch are as follows:
Date: 2nd July '09
Time: 05:30 - 06:30 UTC

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to find duplicated fields and delete them from database? (t-SQL)

If you do not want to strugle with cursors to delete duplicate records I have a simple solution for you. For this you must have a primary key or a unique key that has auto increment.

Here is the magic :

FROM CustomerTable T1, CustomerTable T2
WHERE T1.DuplicateField = T2.DuplicatedField
AND T1.UniqueField> T2.UniqueField

This will basically delete all records from the table CustomerTable which have the same value for the field DuplicateField, leaving that record which has the lowest value in UniqueField.

How does DNS service work?

Every website has a series of identifier numbers called IP address much like a telephone number. This series of numbers is unique for a particular website. So when you want to visit this website your computer looks for the specific IP address of that website in cyber space. However it would be humanly impossible for us to remember all these numbers. So to make the users life easy the concept of DNS was introduced, a domain is nothing but a name or a string of words that corresponds to a certain IP address for instance or

When you type your computer asks your DNS server what the IP address is for And your DNS server sends the ip address like this In most cases you may just put the IP address of the website you want to see in your browser's address bar.

Why would you want to use the IP address instead of URL?

This might seam useless but if you are having problems with your internet connections even though your router says it is connected, you might want to try the IP address of the website you are trying to reach. This will show if you really have an internet connection or not.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Unlimited Web Hosting Product

Dear Customer,

After the launch of our Free Managed DNS Service and our competitively priced Email Hosting Product, our Web Hosting Product is now all set for a revamp.

In a bid to enhance our offering even further, we are now introducing our brand new Unlimited Web Hosting Product at a flat rate of $3.99 on every Domain hosted! Our newest offering comes your way on the 1st of July '09 with a dynamic set of unlimited features that will do away with any scalability issues your Customers may have. Further details are as follows:

New Web Hosting Product Specifications

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited DLLs
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

Advantages of this Product

  • Capture a greater market share by increasing your volumes.
  • A Web Hosting + Email Hosting package with unlimited parameters is now available for a flat rate.
  • Scalability will now never be an issue for your company.

Keep a tab on our future mailers for more information on this 'Ultimate Hosting Package'!

Best Regards,

Audrey Xavier
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Friday, June 12, 2009

Third Level .UK for just $6.59

We are pleased to announce that our .UK Promo went live today at 12:30 UTC. You can now get Third Level .UK Domains for just $6.59 per year. This special pricing is now applicable to all 10 years of Registration! Make the most of this offer to effectively target the vast European market!

Visit to register your UK domains.

  • This Promo is applicable to all ten years of Registration.
  • Renewals & Transfer-Ins will not attract this Promo Pricing.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of Domains that can be registered during this period.
  • Though the Promo Pricing for Third Level .UK Domains mentioned above is on an annual basis, these can only be registered in multiples of 2 years as mandated by the Registry.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Single Email Hosting Plan

As announced earlier we will be launching a New Single Email Hosting Plan on the 27th of May, 2009. The New Single Email Hosting Plan will include unlimited email accounts per package and 1 GB storage space per mail account.

We have listed below some more details on the New Single Email Hosting Plan:

Details of the Launch on the 27th of May:
  • Date: 27th May, 2009
  • Time: Between 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM UTC
  • Pricing: Will be announced

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pre-Apply for .TEL Domains Now!

Dear Customer,

Its finally time to .TEL the world! Cadianda throws open its doors to the most connected TLD out there. We are now accepting pre-applications for the .TEL Landrush period for just $169.99/yr!

The new .TEL extension promises to revolutionize the way you look for, store or access contact information. From now on, its all on the web...

Pre-Apply for .TEL Domains Now!

Gain instant worldwide exposure through the most anticipated global online directory. Store, update and publish contact information, web links and keywords directly on the internet with .TEL Domains and take complete control of how and where people reach you.

Every .TEL Domain allows you to:

  • Route online customers directly to your phone lines or alternate contact mediums (email, chat, etc)

  • Increase Online Discoverability

  • Target 4 Billion Mobile Subscribers Worldwide

  • Generate Advertising and Sales Revenue

When customers type in your .TEL url in their browser they are directed to your yourcompany.TEL Domain, similar to a regular website. This website can be accessed from any kind of device and thus directly increases your discoverability tenfold. .TEL's user-friendly interface does not require any familiarization and decreases hassles that your customers would face while trying to contact you. What's more, there is absolutely no need to purchase a hosting package for a .tel domain - thus saving a huge sum on website design and development.

We offer you an opportunity to pre-apply for .TEL Domains and gain an advantage over everyone else participating in the Landrush. Submit your .TEL Application today and pre-apply before the Landrush begins!


  • Once you apply for a .TEL Domain, the respective funds will be locked until the Landrush period commences. If the application is unsuccessful, the entire amount will be refunded..

  • The minimum registration period is 3 years, as mandated by the .TEL Registry. Thus, you will be charged $509.97 for a 3 year registration.

Best Regards,

Internet Services