Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pre-Apply for .TEL Domains Now!

Dear Customer,

Its finally time to .TEL the world! Cadianda throws open its doors to the most connected TLD out there. We are now accepting pre-applications for the .TEL Landrush period for just $169.99/yr!

The new .TEL extension promises to revolutionize the way you look for, store or access contact information. From now on, its all on the web...

Pre-Apply for .TEL Domains Now!

Gain instant worldwide exposure through the most anticipated global online directory. Store, update and publish contact information, web links and keywords directly on the internet with .TEL Domains and take complete control of how and where people reach you.

Every .TEL Domain allows you to:

  • Route online customers directly to your phone lines or alternate contact mediums (email, chat, etc)

  • Increase Online Discoverability

  • Target 4 Billion Mobile Subscribers Worldwide

  • Generate Advertising and Sales Revenue

When customers type in your .TEL url in their browser they are directed to your yourcompany.TEL Domain, similar to a regular website. This website can be accessed from any kind of device and thus directly increases your discoverability tenfold. .TEL's user-friendly interface does not require any familiarization and decreases hassles that your customers would face while trying to contact you. What's more, there is absolutely no need to purchase a hosting package for a .tel domain - thus saving a huge sum on website design and development.

We offer you an opportunity to pre-apply for .TEL Domains and gain an advantage over everyone else participating in the Landrush. Submit your .TEL Application today and pre-apply before the Landrush begins!


  • Once you apply for a .TEL Domain, the respective funds will be locked until the Landrush period commences. If the application is unsuccessful, the entire amount will be refunded..

  • The minimum registration period is 3 years, as mandated by the .TEL Registry. Thus, you will be charged $509.97 for a 3 year registration.

Best Regards,

Internet Services