Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How does DNS service work?

Every website has a series of identifier numbers called IP address much like a telephone number. This series of numbers is unique for a particular website. So when you want to visit this website your computer looks for the specific IP address of that website in cyber space. However it would be humanly impossible for us to remember all these numbers. So to make the users life easy the concept of DNS was introduced, a domain is nothing but a name or a string of words that corresponds to a certain IP address for instance cadianda.net or convetbuster.com.

When you type www.google.com your computer asks your DNS server what the IP address is for www.google.com. And your DNS server sends the ip address like this In most cases you may just put the IP address of the website you want to see in your browser's address bar.

Why would you want to use the IP address instead of URL?

This might seam useless but if you are having problems with your internet connections even though your router says it is connected, you might want to try the IP address of the website you are trying to reach. This will show if you really have an internet connection or not.

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